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BUSAC is the acronym for "Business Sector Advocacy Challenge" Fund.

The BUSAC Fund aims at contributing to the creation of a more enabling business environment for development and growth of the Ghanaian private sector. This is achieved by empowering business membership organizations, trades unions and the media, to influence public policy formulation by undertaking appropriate research, developing evidence based policy positions and advocating those positions with government and other private sector institutions/organization that may be targeted by the action.

The BUSAC Fund was originally launched by DANIDA in 2004 as part of the broader Business Sector Programme Support. The first phase of the BUSAC Fund, which was supported by DANIDA, DFID and USAID, ended in February 2010 after six years of operations. During this phase, the BUSAC Fund provided three hundred and sixty-two grants to business groups and associations spread over all the ten regions of Ghana to undertake advocacy activities aimed at improving the Ghanaian business environment.

The second phase of the BUSAC Fund started on the 1st of March, 2010. It was designed drawing lessons from the BUSAC Fund Phase I. The BUSAC Fund Phase II is being supported by USAID, European Union with DANIDA as the lead donor. The Fund management has been contracted by DANIDA to COWI who appointed Dale Rachmeler (Ph.D.) as the Project Manager. With the assistance of a locally recruited team, Dr. Rachmeler managed the project from 2007 to October 2012.

The Fund is accessible through a competitive demand-driven mechanism and transparent selection of the advocacy actions proposed by Private Sector Organisations (PSOs). For BUSAC Fund Phase II, PSOs include business groups and associations and farm-based organisations (FBOs).

BUSAC Fund finances, through grants, up to 90% of the cost of the Advocacy Actions that are selected in each "Call for Concept Notes." The selected Actions are then implemented by the Grantee PSOs themselves (with the help of the Service Providers they may have chosen to complement their own). Between 2004 and November 2012, the BUSAC Fund provided over 600 grants to various PSOs across the ten regions of Ghana to help strengthen their advocacy capacity.

Overall Objectives of the BUSAC Fund?

  • A broader engagement of the Private Sector in policy making and policy implementation (at national, regional and local levels);
  • A strengthened capacity of representative organizations of the Private Sector to advocate for pro-business sector reform in Ghana (and in the long run support the Ghanaian economy and thus contribute to Poverty Reduction);
  • An improvement of the Private Sector, by assisting to remove bottlenecks at all levels of administration but also within the Private Sector itself; and
  • A broadened public understanding of the role of businesses in society.

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