Grant Making Process

Accessing the BUSAC Fund Grant

  • The BUSAC Fund will announce a two and a half-yearly “Call for Concept Notes” or “Pre-qualification application”. Interested PSOs will be required to announce their intention to apply for a grant support by filling out a “pre-qualification application – Concept Note” and submitting same on-line to the BUSAC Fund.
  • The pre-qualification application will be evaluated by the BUSAC Fund and PSOs whose concept notes are selected will be asked to submit an application / proposal for consideration. This will be after a capacity diagnostic tool has been administered and the PSO found to have the capacity to develop and implement the advocacy action. Should the PSO require the services of a consultant in preparing the application, they will be required to use consultants accredited by the BUSAC Fund. The list accredited consultants is found on our website. The use of non accredited consultants is not permitted.
  • The application form will be assessed on-line.
  • Application forms should be filled and submitted electronically to the designated address on line.
  • The BUSAC Fund will acknowledge receipt of application/proposal presented by the shortlisted PSOs.
  • Once the application is submitted by a PSO, the application will be evaluated by consultants (external to the BUSAC Fund Management Unit) who will recommend applications for approval / rejection.
  • The external evaluators will provide reasons for rejecting proposals. These reasons will be passed on to the applicants to help them revise their proposals for subsequent calls.
  • Applications recommended for approval will be sent to the Project Steering Committee for their evaluation and approval. Once the advocacy proposal gets approved, the PSO will be notified and requested to pay into a designated account 10% of the total cost of the advocacy action.
  • A contract will then be executed between the PSO and the BUSAC Fund and disbursements will start, provided 10% deposit has been verified by the BUSAC Fund.

Summary BUSAC Fund II Grant Process

  • Marketing and sensitisation workshops and meetings
  • Preparation and submission of concept notes
  • First evaluation to shortlist some applicants with acceptable concept notes (internal)
  • Conduct due diligence, and assess advocacy capacity using the capacity diagnostic tool
  • Assess capacity of applicant based on information gathered from the due diligence and conduct initial selection
  • Invite shortlisted PSOs from the approved concept note list to submit a full proposal
  • Evaluate the application forms (external)
  • Submit selected applications to Steering Committee (SC)
  • Inform the successful applicant of the decision of the SC
  • Successful applicants submit bank account details
  • Database and grantee account created
  • Successful applicants make a 10% deposit of the cost of the approved advocacy grant into a BUSAC Fund designated bank account
  • A contract is drawn up and signed by both parties
  • First disbursement made into the grantee account (a separate account for the BUSAC fund grant is required to be opened by the grantee
  • BUSAC Fund Trainer assigned
  • Training of grantee organised in the concept and practice of advocacy
  • First activity of the Advocacy action implemented
  • First BUSAC Fund Partner Grantee (BFPG) progress report submitted
  • First BUSAC Fund Monitor (BFM) report submitted
  • Training organised in specialised area for grantee
  • Subsequent reports (2-5 reports) from the BFPG
  • Subsequent reports (2-5 reports) from the BFM
  • Submission of final report
  • End of advocacy action
  • Administer capacity diagnostic tool
  • Conduct external audit
  • Prepare case study on the concluded action
  • Concluded advocacy action grantee re-applies for support to address other business concerns or expand or follow-up on the previous action.

Advocacy Diagnostic Tool Guide

This tool is designed to assess your organisation's ability and resources to undertake advocacy projects. No organisation will be able to answer positively to each question.

Indeed to do so would suggest that they have no development needs or requirement for support. We will use the answers to this questionnaire to help us prepare an organisational development plan, so please answer all the questions as fully and as accurately as you can. You download these document under downloads page.

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