“Thanks to the BUSAC Fund’s BDS training, I have increased my output, making it possible for me to earn extra income which I use to cater for my children’s school fees and home expenses.”

-Ms. Martha Aluya, a member of Anongtaaba Ghana

“Thanks to the lessons I learnt at the BDS training, I have been able to develop a business plan to aid the expansion of my shea butter processing business.”

-Mr. John Adams, a member of Ghana Agri-Input Dealers Association

“Because of the deficiencies in the preparation of the compost, 1500 out of 3000 prepared compost often got wasted. Although this has not stopped, the number has drastically reduced from 1500 to 200, thanks to the skills I acquired at the BDS training.”

-Ms. Mary Adjiewaah, a member of BEMCOM Youth Association

“Since we started practicing effective record keeping I am able to track my sales, investment and profit margin. This has helped me to save as well as plough back into my business.”

-Mrs. Evelyn Ampadu, a member Ghana National Tailors and Dressmakers Association

“Before the training, I only sold a 222 kilo barrel of honey in six months; but now the same quantity is sold within a month. It was an eye-opener for our group. The success is huge.”

-Mr. Patrick Newman, a member of Ghana Bee Keepers Association

“I use to rely on recommendations and walk-in customers but now I am practicing aggressive digital marketing on Facebook where I have uploaded my products and contacts.”

-Ms. Evelyn Nuroo, a member of SPINnet Textile and Garment Cluster