Social Enterprise Ghana with funding from BUSAC Fund and its Development Partners DANIDA and USAID has begun advocacy to ensure policymakers and government pass and adopt the social enterprise and impact investing policy.

According to Edwin Zu-Cudjoe, the Executive Director of Social Enterprise Ghana, the policy will enable the over 28,000 social enterprises operating in the country to be recognised as such and be able to register as social enterprises with the Registrar General's Department. 

"This policy is aimed at driving impact investment to social enterprises and I urge the government to set up a Social Enterprise Development Fund to develop the social enterprise ecosystem and enable social enterprises as partners with government in the provision of social good and services," he said.

The campaign would involve policy dialogues with governments officials, sensitization of media and duty bearers and various workshops.

"Social enterprises are organisations that use business strategies to solve social challenges for impact, good environment and profit," he explained.

Social Enterprise Ghana is the network of high impact social enterprises and entrepreneurs operating in Ghana.

It has a registered membership of 590 businesses nationwide operating in climate-smart agribusiness, agroforestry, waste management and recycling, health services, education, technology, etc to solves challenges for the poor, vulnerable, marginalised in an inclusive and dignified way.

Sukena Sue Ganu, Grants Officer at BUSAC advised Social Enterprise Ghana and its members to focus on their advocacy work. 

She said they should ensure that they judiciously use the grant support for the approved purposes and report appropriately.

Emmanuel Leslie Addae, co-founder of Africa Skills Hub and a member of Social Enterprise Ghana used the opportunity to thank BUSAC for their continuous support to the Ghanaian business community.

He said such support cannot be over-emphasised as it enables private sector players to advocate for a business-friendly environment.